In re: Charles Whitebread lecture at Bar/Bri today

charliewhitebread.jpgIf you are or have been in law school pretty much anywhere in the country then you probably have heard of Professor Whitebread of USC.  The reason I say that is each fall he somehow visits practically a third of the law schools in the entire country (I think his site said 81 law schools this year) talking about writing essays in law school, or something to that effect (it was 1L year, which was a long time ago).  Well aside from this and teaching a few courses at USC he teaches the Bar/Bri course in criminal law in 25 classes.  How is this possible?  How can one person do all this, it doesn’t seem to make sense and why would he want to bother with all that travel.  It does help that he has quite an amazing style to his speaking (and an uncanny impersonation of small woodland creatures).

Some might complain that he narrows down the subject of Criminal Law to too little (he claims that cutting all the extra out is good as you can’t learn it all anyway and I might agree).  Anyway, he is quite a legend, quite a personality and it seems he makes quite an impact on the community of law students through his efforts, although I am a bit confused about his lecture circuit where he (or is it Thompson West the owner of Bar/Bri?) gives out a free copy of his little book on lawschool and I believe a pizza lunch as well.

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