In re: Forever? Forever ever?

200×200_676640.jpgSo May 14th brings rate hikes for the postal service and people are all apparently clamoring over the ‘new’ forever stamp that if you buy now at $0.41 will ‘always’ be good for first class postage. Lifehacker, a blog that occasionally has something useful gives the unhelpful advice that one should invest in these now (apparently forgetting the time value of money and inflation, see here if you don’t follow) The comments on their post seem to sort out the issue, but it leaves one to wonder why we don’t just make all first class stamps valid no matter what rate they were bought at (as they do in the UK now). You may also be wondering why with the pending hooding ceremony tomorrow where my law school career is officially capped off I am writing about stamps, well can’t help you with that one, sorry.

One way to invest (from lifehacker comment):
“I am going to start buying as many forever stamps as I can afford on my meager salary. Basically, what money that doesn’t go to Yaris, Old Navy, and Post Apartments can now be laser focused on purchasing beaucoup forever stamps! I will probably keep them in the drawer above my giant stash of Confederate Dollars because- hey, ya never know!”

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