In re: Who runs only one marathon?

Running a marathon sounds so lazy, at least compared to Dean Karnazes, ‘ultra-marathon man’ who is running 50 marathons, not in one year, but rather 50 consecutive days.  He may be crazy, but he is running for a cause, raising money for Karno kids that works to encourage kids to be more active.  Dean has been called the fittest man alive, committing such crazy feats as running 350 miles (without sleep) that make the tour de france look sissy.  Dean is a well educated man and talks very well, in an interview I saw recently I really bought into his message that he is aiming through this ‘North Face Endurance 50′ (everyone needs sponsors!) to show the potentials of the human body and what limits we can be pushed too – and that we are not designed to sit in cubes all day.  While cubicles may be great for our economy it is obvious that it is having disasterous effects upon the health of our nation.  I hope to continue a bit on this later by highlighting a few companies that have attempted innovative ways to get their employees active.

In the mean time you can check out Dean’s site Ultramarathon Man & the North Face Endurance 50 website or check out his blog Endurance Is on the whole thing.

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